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Working with Messages

Messages are used to send data back and forth between the Server and the Client (Unity). There are three different message scenarios that the Atavism system handles:

  1. Sending messages from the Client to the Server (i.e a chat message or ability activation)
  2. Sending messages from the Server to the Client (i.e. a combat event)
  3. Sending messages between Server Plugins (such as sending a message from the Combat Plugin to the Mob Plugin).

Each of these are dealt with in slightly different ways due to the different way servers and clients work. Use the pages below for guidance on working with the different message scenarios.

Note: Working with messages requires access to the AGIS code.

Other Examples

  • Client Request Server Response - An example of the client sending a message to the server requesting some information and the server sending a response back.
  • Server Plugin to Plugin Request - An example of one server plugin requesting information from another one, and that other one sending a response back.
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