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Getting Started with Atavism Cloud

The Atavism Cloud is the easiest way to get your game development underway by removing the hassle of setting up an Atavism Server. Follow the instructions below to get your game up and running with minimal hassle via the Atavism Cloud

Step 1: Purchasing Atavism Cloud

Currently the Atavism Cloud service can only be purchased from the Neojac Store. There are 4 versions available with different resource limitations for different prices.

Step 2: Creating your Atavism Cloud Server

After purchasing an Atavism Cloud licence log into the Atavism Online Account Management Site and click on My Licences.

You will see an Atavism Cloud Licence with a “Create Atavism Cloud Server” button. Click the button, then fill in the details for your server, reading the instructions carefully on the page.

Once you have clicked “Launch Server” wait for the Success message that will popup at the top of the screen.

You can now go to the Atavism Cloud page and view your server details. Its status will be set to “Pending” until the server is ready to go (Takes less than 10 minutes).

Step 3: Creating your Unity Project

If you haven't already, you can download the Atavism Unity package from the Downloads page on the Account Management site. Import the package into your Unity Project.

Step 4: Connecting the Editor

Once your Unity project has the Atavism Unity package installed you can set up the Atavism Editor with your database settings so you can start creating content for your game while the server is being prepared.

Click on the Window menu in Unity and choose “Atavism Online”. Enter your Atavism Online account email and password into the login field and log yourself in. You will now need to enter your database connection settings. These settings (except your password) can be found on the Atavism Cloud page of the Account Management site. Leave the port blank.

Step 5: Logging into your game

Once you see that your server is ready to go, enter your server address into the Master Server field on the Atavism Core in your Login Scene, and go play your game!

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