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Differences in Atavism 2.6 Setup

Atavism version 2.6 has brought in a few changes in how to get your project up and running, and moved a few things around in Unity.

Server settings Changes


The content_admin_connection.ini file in the bin folder has been removed. Instead there are properties added to the file to enter the database connection settings. If you use the same database and username/password for your main atavism database along with world_content and admin then you don't need to do anything as it will just use the same settings for all. If you do use different settings, just set the following to true:

  • atavism.admin.db_differentsettings=false
  • atavism.content.db_differentsettings=false

then enter your specific settings in the property lines below those properties.

Authentication database settings

Authentication database settings have also been added to the file. This allows the world server to let the auth server know it is running and how many players are currently connected. If you run the authentication database in the same server as the world server databases and use the same connection details you will not need to do anything. Otherwise you can set:

  • atavism.auth.db_differentsettings=false

to true and specify the settings in the property lines below.

World Table - Master Database

You do not need to edit the world table of the master database anymore (yay!). Instead the setting has also been moved into the file. Near the top of the file there are three lines:

  • atavism.servername=Local
  • atavism.login.bindaddress=localhost
  • atavism.login.bindport=5040

Change the servername if you want, and then set the address and port properties to the world servers address/port (the port will almost always be 5040).

Licence Settings

To better authenticate how many connections a server is allowed new Licence properties have been added to When you purchase Atavism Online a licence key will be generated which can be found in the new Atavism Online Account Management site:

Unity Changes


A new CharacterSelection scene has been added to the default AtavismUnity package. All scenes have been moved into the Scenes folder.

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